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Please read below & help us to all follow the proper guidelines to keep everyone safe & healthy!
  • Face Masks Face masks will be worn by all staff. Parents that are fully vaccinated do not need to wear face masks in the waiting room. We will have them available if you need one. Children are not required to wear masks but are welcome to do so.
  • If your child feels sick We ask that you monitor your child’s temperature before you come to the gym. If they feel sick please keep them home.
  • Washing Hands/Sanitizer All staff will be washing their hands before & after every class. We will be administering hand sanitizer to all students before & after every class as well.
  • Directional Flow There will be 1 entrance & 1 exit. The middle door will be the Entrance so that everyone has to come by the front desk. The West door will be the Exit door. There are signs on the doors to remind you!
  • Backpack/Water Fountains/Snacks Please send your child with a backpack to contain all of their belongings. This includes their own water bottle. We will not be using our drinking fountains or snack machines
  • Social Distancing Upon arrival children will be escorted to a line up position & given Hand sanitizer. When it is time for class they will be escorted to the floor. All areas of the gym have been marked in 6′ increments. Social distancing will remain in place for the entire workout including all events & rotation of events. We will be letting the kids get drinks of water 1 at a time from their own water bottle.
  • End of Class All classes will be let out 5 minutes early. This will allow for all children to leave the facility before the next class begins. Children will be given hand sanitizer before they leave the gym. They will leave the gym from the West door. You can wait for them outside the West door, or if you are in the gym you can meet them at the West Exit door.
  • Cleaning of Equipment All equipment/mats/shapes will be disinfected after every class. For the equipment such as bars/beam we will be using a UV Wand to sanitize the surface without using chemicals.
  • Facility Ratio We are upholding a student to facility ratio of 4-6 students per each 1000 square feet. That is 34-51 students at any one time.
  • Spotting will be allowed. This is a safety issue & must be allowed. We will limit spotting to the necessary skills only.
  • Make-Up Classes We realize that most of you have classes to make up from March. You are welcome to do your make up classes prior to paying! We have your attendance records up at the front desk & can let you know how many make up classes you have. After you have done your make-ups you can then pay for any remaining classes. We are allowing your make up classes to be used anytime throughout 2020. So, whenever you return your classes will still be available.
  • Registering for Classes We ask that you register for class prior to showing up. This will allow us to control our class sizes. From our website you can click on the Sign Up & Pay prompt. We have added a COVID19 Make up Class option to sign up for a class without paying. This includes Open Gym. IT IS NOT NECESSARY FOR TEAM TO REGISTER OR PAY PRIOR TO COMING TO CLASS. YOU MAY USE YOUR MAKE UP CLASSES FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE.
  • City Classes Have not yet resumed.  Please call us directly to schedule your make up class. ALL CITY CLASSES WILL BE LIMITED TO 8 STUDENTS!
  • Payment Methods Online payments are preferred. We also have contactless payments if your CC is enabled with that function.
  • Please help us Remember this is all new for everyone! Let’s all wok together to get through this safely. If you have any questions/concerns/ideas please feel free to discuss them with me!

Spookfest is Coming in October

Oct 30th

FREE for everyone! Come & join the fun!!!

Ask us for more information!


Team News

Level 2-5 Competition Schedule

August 26 Intersquad

September 16 Intersquad

October 9/10 1st Meet@ Precision in Rancho Cucamonga

October 16/17 2nd Meet @GP in Corona

October 23/24 3rd Meet@ Vibe Gymnastics in Orange

November 20/21 State Championship Lv 2-5 in San Diego





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